Home Inspector in San Antonio Finds Faulty HVAC System Running Heat and A/C at Same Time

Hi this is Thomas with Texas Pride Home Inspections. Today we are doing a home inspection on a house and I was checking out the heat and this is what we found today. While running the heat on this cart carrier system, the heat was running fine but we noticed there was cold air coming out of here, and it turns out the air conditioner was on at the same time the heat was running.

And what that was doing was dropping the temperature that the heat was producing by about 20 degrees. So up in the registers instead of 100 to 110 degrees coming out we only had about 85 to 89 degrees. So that’s definitely something that needs to be checked out by an HVAC guy, something that will go on our report today. So that’s it for today, this was Thomas with Texas Pride Home Inspections.

Picture of San Antonio TX Home Inspector inspecting HVAC system