License and Insurance

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A Little About Licenses

In the State of Texas, all inspectors are required to be licensed by the state. There are a few ways to become a home inspector. To obtain my license, I completed training for 328 hours of education and had to pass a National and State exam. Every two years, all inspectors must complete at least 32 hours of continuing education and re-apply for a new license.   Every inspector is listed with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and you can find information on the TREC website including all the courses taken, expiration of the current license, and contact information. Furthermore, inspectors must inspect using a minimum set of standards called the Standards of Practice.

Why is Insurance Needed And What Does it Take to Get it?

Inspectors in the State of Texas are currently required to carry E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance.  There is no current requirement for a licensed inspector to carry any liability insurance. At Texas Pride Home Inspections, we carry five times the required state E&O insurance, and also carry the same amount in liability to best protect the current home-owner, our client, and ourselves.

How to Spot a Fake Inspector?

There are cases of people performing inspections with an expired license or no license at all.  Any inspector is required to have his license number on any form of advertising, to include on his or her vehicle if it has an advertisement. If not provided, you can ask the inspector for the license number.  You can type in the license number into the search bar at and find out if an inspector holds a current license.