New Home Inspections

Texas Home Inspection Photo Documentation

New Construction?

If you are buying a new construction home or having one built, you should have it inspected prior to home completion. Builders will always tell you that they have the house inspected and they do because they are required to have certain items inspected at certain stages of the build. However, their inspectors are working for the builder and are not inspecting to protect the buyer. A third-party inspection for the buyer will provide a thorough inspection and help educate you on the build process and the structure of the home.

We provide three inspections during the build process: Pre-pour inspection, pre-drywall (frame) inspection, and final inspection done just before closing.

Image of a home foundation before concrete pour

Pre-Pour Inspection

The pre-pour inspection is done just before the concrete is poured. Once the pour site is prepared and the rebar and post-tension cables are installed, we can inspect to ensure the pour site has been properly prepared. This is normally done a day or two before the concrete pour. Once the concrete is poured, there is no way to check the rebar and post-tension cable installation, plumbing installation, vapor barrier and footer placement and depth.

Interior Image of a home before drywall installation, with rough plumbing, and rough electrical

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Once the wall construction, rough electrical and rough plumbing are installed, the site should be ready for the pre-drywall inspection. This inspection needs to be completed prior to the installation of the insulation and/or wall and ceiling boards.

This inspection checks the foundation, how the walls are attached to the foundation, wall structure, window installation, ceiling and roofing structure, electrical installation, plumbing installations, and A/C duct work installation along with mechanical vent installation and ducting. During one of these inspections, we noted the lack of a dryer vent installed in the home.

Example Home Inspection Report Page

Final Inspection

The New Construction Final Inspection is done once the home is materially complete. If the home has gas appliances, the gas meter should be installed prior to conducting this inspection. This is the comprehensive inspection checking everything to include installed appliances.

During final inspections, we often find:

  • broken truss members in attic spaces
  • issues with the construction of walls or floors
  • electrical problems in the panels and/or miswiring in the outlets
  • issues with the AFCI/GFCI breakers and outlets.

Plumbing issues are also common with backing up drains due to construction material in drains being one of the most common. On at least one occasion, we have noted that an A/C system was running heat and A/C at the same time. This would have been ineffective and costly.

Make sure your new home is in the best condition and hold the builder to a standard with a thorough home inspection.