Pre Sale Inspections

Texas Pride Chris inspecting the attic
Exterior Electrical Inspection

Selling a Home

When you sell your home, the buyer will have it inspected prior to closing, and the buyer is not required to share the inspection report with the seller.  By obtaining a pre-listing inspection, you will know in advance what the buyer will find out.

With a Pre-Listing Inspection, you the seller can:

Make the property more marketable by making repairs prior to listing

Ensure all issues are properly disclosed which can help you avoid costly lawsuits in the future

Potentially increase the sales price of the house

Enjoy a shorter period of time with your house on the market

Put yourself in a better position when you list your house for sale by having the house inspected prior to listing!

Note: We always recommend you consult with your real estate agent prior to having a pre-listing inspection so you understand how this can impact your listing.