Rental Inspections

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Rental Inspections

Do you have a rental property? Consider having it inspected between renters.

Find out if there are any issues that can cause expensive damages later.

Make your property more marketable.

The inspection and any repairs made for preparation to rent are tax write-offs.

Recently, I inspected a rental property between renters and pointed out a condition that could have caused thousands of dollars in damage to the owner. The primary drain from the air conditioner unit on the second floor had been clogged. The secondary drain dripping above the back door (required to be plumbed to a conspicuous place) had been re-routed by the tenant with PVC pipe to drain in the grass. In the tenant’s mind, the drip was fixed. Inside, the safety pan under the air conditioner was filled to the rim and the second drain was also beginning to clog. This condition was leading to a leak into the first-floor ceiling that could have caused untold damage to the home.

Consider an inspection between renters. The small fee for the inspection could pay dividends in the end.

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