Shed Termite Infestation

Hey, this is Thomas with Texas Pride Home inspections doing another termite inspection. And out here on the shed behind the house, this is one of the worst infestations we’ve seen. This is an area where the termites have gotten in and eaten all the soft wood out. And as we go inside, the shed, we see the activity going all the way up the wall.These are termite mud tubes, these are termite mud tubes, and there’s some great fixtures on there…

And here on the ceiling, the termites have gone up the walls and into the ceiling and you can see the mud tubes between the boards where they’ve completely eaten away.And here, you see these small little mud globules? These are covering their peek out tubes as they eat through the wood and they are looking for other sources of wood. This is one of the most extensive infestations we’ve ever seen, so that’s going to be a nice healthy write up. Alright that’s it for today. This is Thomas with Texas Pride Home Inspections doing another termite inspection.

close up of flaking paint on wood