Texas Pride Home Inspections, PLLC

Hi I’m Thomas with Texas pride home

I am a retired military member and working in San Antonio at
Texas pride home inspections we are here for the customer. couple things that we
do that sets us apart from other inspectors are we will always walk the
roof if at all possible if it’s safe and we will not damage the property.
Additionally we do get in the attic and we walk the rafters because we want to
make sure we catch any problems within that attic space for you.

Our plumbing checks are very thorough where the state requires we turn on two fixtures and
flush a commode, we run all the fixtures simultaneously for twenty to thirty
minutes that way we can give you the best inspection for plumbing check on
functional functional drainage and any leaks underneath.

Come to Texas by home inspections if you want an inspection that you can be proud of
I’m Thomas Todd this Texas Pride Home Inspection.

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