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What Your Inspection Should Include

If you are purchasing a pre-owned home, you should have a thorough home inspection prior to the expiration of any contingency period. A home inspection that checks out the foundation, roof, attic, A/C systems, plumbing and electrical systems can highlight issues you need to consider prior to moving forward with your purchase.

We routinely find issues that are not obvious to potential buyers walking the rooms. Some of these issues have included signs of past attic or kitchen fires, water leaks, foundation movement causing adverse movement in the attic structure, and a myriad of plumbing issues. We have also found many electrical issues resulting from home owners making changes on their own properties and second-floor issues resulting from the removal of load-bearing walls done incorrectly.

Don’t walk into buying a used home without knowing the state of the house.

Our company goes above and beyond the TREC required items in our report to further protect the interests of our clients.

With Texas Pride Home Inspections, you get a comprehensive assessment from foundation to roof.

We provide an opinion on the foundation performance based on a full-house assessment.