Home inspector is certified to do own termite inspections. Even if not doing a termite inspections, finding signs of termite damage during the home inspection is reported.

Hi this is Thomas with Texas pride home
inspections and today we’re doing a home inspection on the house we are not
scheduled to do a wood destroying insect inspection but while we were doing our
inspection we did notice this rot around the windowsill.

This rot is actually old
termite damage and while we were doing our walk-around our roof inspection we
also noticed some damage up along the eaves there is also termite damage.

These are subterranean termites which means I’ve gone from the ground all the way up
into the eaves of this home so that’s what we’ll be reporting in our home
inspection although we are not doing a termite on this one they will find out
that they had a termite problem in the past.

Thanks this is Thomas with Texas
pride home inspections.

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